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Set up the Lead Gen module
Set up the Lead Gen module
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Once you've configured your Legal Info, Company, Offer and Ad you're ready to add the Lead Gen module to your app.

You do this the same way you add any module:

1) Add or select an app homescreen tile for Refer a Friend. Most operators run the Refer a Friend campaign continuously, but if you want to run for a period and then stop, you may want to use a banner tile (full width) so you can add and remove the tile without disrupting the rest of your home screen

2) Create some artwork for your tile. This is an advert to your members to get them to help you, so make it splashly, big and bold and remember to mention the benefit on the tile to get them to click it:


3) Create a new module by clicking + Module and select a Refer Friend module


4) Enter a name for the module and select the Offer if you have multiple. In the new Company field, if you leave this as --select-- then the Company setting in the Offer will be used. If you select a different Company from this drop-down, that will be used instead, over-riding the Company in the Offer.


5) Link the tile to the module and Save.


Next you should test the Lead Gen process.

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