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Promote Lead Generation across all your channels
Promote Lead Generation across all your channels
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Now you have your Lead Generation set up in the App, for best results you should promote it across all your marketing communication channels:

  • In the app

  • In the gym on posters and flyers

  • On your web site

  • On Facebook and Twitter

  • Through your email lists...

1. In the app you can create a News or Info article about your Refer-a-Friend program and send a Push Notification to all opted-in app users to tell them about it. Let them know what a great deal this can be for them and include a link to the Refer-a-Friend module to make it easy for them to make the referral. If you don't know how to do this please contact Support who can help with this.

2. For the other channels you can promote your joining offer to non-members using the Lead Generation in the cockpit and the performance of each of these channels will be tracked alongside leads from the app. To do this:

a) Select the Offer tab and click the Ad column of the Offer.


b) In the Ad page, click + New Ad and select which channel this is for (this is used to track which channel the lead comes from so you can see which channels are most effective).


c) Give the Ad a name, select the Company and click Save.


d) Click to get the QR code and/or link for the Ad


e) You should repeat and create a new link/QR code for each channel that you want to track -- web, Facebook, email, Twitter, print, whatever channels you use. In each case, a prospect clicking the link or scanning the code will be shown the prospect journey. In this case the "Referrer" is effectively you, the gym, so if someone joins through these channels there is no reward due.


So now you have Integrated Lead Management and tracking with leads coming not only from your app-users but also from your Website, posters in the gym, your Facebook, etc...


You're all set. Next you should read up on Lead Generation day-to-day operation and then set your Lead Generation live !

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