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Test the Lead Gen process
Test the Lead Gen process
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It's important to test out the Lead Gen process you've set up to make sure it's working as you want. To do this:

1. On your phone,

  • Click the Refer a Friend tile you created

  • Enter your details and send a referral message to a colleague using, for example, WhatsApp

  • Check the templated message appears as you want


2. Next you need to play the part of the prospect. You can either do this on your colleague's phone, or you can go into WhatsApp and find the message you sent. Click on the link which you sent to your colleague. You can then follow the "prospect" journey:

  • Review the Offer the prospect sees, and remember, they may know nothing about your gym or what you have to offer. Check the map shows correctly. Click Secure Now to move on.

  • Fill in your details and click the checkbox. Test the Privacy Notice link to make sure that is showing your Privacy Notice on the phone. Click Secure Offer to move on.


3. Next, go to the Cockpit, select the Lead Generation tab and then Reports. The Dashboard shows that you've had a referral and a lead today.


4. Click on Lead Management and select Leads. You should see the details that you filled in as a Prospect along with the details you entered as the Referrer.


5. Now you have a tracked, high-quality lead in the cockpit with permission to contact them. It's up to you to take over now and close this lead (i.e. get them to join your gym). Let's imagine you call them up and invite them to come for look round. You can use this page in the cockpit to manage the lead status. Click on the Status button and update their status to Appointment made and click OK.


6. You can also filter the list by clicking on the filters on the left -- for example click New to see other new leads that you need to process.

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