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Lead Generation set-up steps
Lead Generation set-up steps
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Set-up steps

To set up Lead Gen, follow these steps:

  1. Set up the Legal Info and the Company info – this is one-time thing only for each account, but depending on how your organisation is set up, you may want to create Company info for each site.

  2. Set up the Offer which is what the friend sees

  3. Set up the Ad which is what your member sees and should encourage him to share the offer. Typically the Ad contains an incentive for the member to make referrals, e.g. get a month free …

  4. If you have an external CRM, set-up the Event Webhook

Once the Lead Generation is set-up, members will automatically start referring and leads will follow the call-to-action, which is typically to contact the gym and take their coupon (on their phone or as a printout) to complete the joining process.

The gym can monitor the referrals and leads generated on the cockpit and can track the progress of leads using the integrated process management feature. For leads that don’t come to the gym, the gym can proactively contact them to complete the sale, typically by phone or email.

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