Every Info article in the cockpit is available not only in your app but also as a web-page. To use this info on your website you just need to get the URL ("deep-link") and create a link to it on your website:

  1. To get the deep-link, open your app and navigate to the article. Share the article (click this icon on iOS)

    (this one on Android)

  2. Share the article to yourself to get the URL -- for example share it to your email address. The link will be something like this https://etk.deeep.link/etk-jdJX

  3. Add a banner or a link on your website which links to the deep link, for example

  4. You'll see when you click the link, your info article appears as a web page

  5. When you update your info article in the cockpit, the web page version will be automatically updated. So now your app users and web users get the same info without you having to copy things.

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