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How to keep your members engaged post Wexer launch
How to keep your members engaged post Wexer launch
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Post Wexer launch, it's important you continue sharing Wexer updates with your members to keep them engaged. Here's some ideas on what this could look like:

1. Workout of the week

Why not workouts of the day/week/month with members? This can be done across email, your social channels, website or even in-App messages. Make sure you keep these varied, sharing different types of workouts each time.

2. Encourage members to try something new

It's important to keep your content fresh in order to keep your members engaged. Why not encourage them to try something new, from the comfort of their own home. This could be tied in with a national awareness day, e.g. trying a new yoga video on National Yoga Day.

3. Share all the different ways members can watch Wexer videos

There are so many different options for watching Wexer videos. Phone, TV or PC. As well as this, there are lots of different locations members can workout. Why not suggest a garden workout on a nice summers day, or a lunch time yoga session to break up a busy day working from home.

4. Share exciting content

Keep your members excited about Wexer content by sharing some of their marketing materials. These can be found here and include a variety of images, GIFs and videos you can use on social media, email, website and in-App.

If you have any more questions, we've put together some FAQs:

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