It's good to know how many people your communications are reaching in the app. You can use the reporting in the cockpit to see this:

  1. Select the Reports tab on the left side of the cockpit, then App Hits and By Module :

  2. Let's imagine we want to check on the results of a push we did yesterday at 17:00 -- select Yesterday from the the period drop down and click Search. Select By Hours from the units drop-down.

  3. The graph will update. Here we can see a spike in module views at 17:00to 18:00 -- that's the result of our push. If we hover over the peak we can see that it was 352 clicks and looking at the hits for the News module that day we can see there were 309 hits for the whole day. If we look back to a previous day when we didn't do a push we might see that there were 5 clicks on the News module. So we can conclude that around 300 people looked at our push yesterday.

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