You might be wondering how you can launch your new Wexer content with members successfully? We've put some ideas below to help you ensure your members know all about your exciting new content.

1. Familiarise yourself with all the content available

With over 700+ videos there is lots to familiarise yourself with, and this can seem quite overwhelming at first. Make sure to have a look around the classes and videos available, so you can understand the wide range of content. Why not even give a class a go? This will help you understand the user experience before launching to your members.

2. Put a communication plan in place

Sit down with your team to workout how you want to share the Wexer content announcement with your members. Here are some ideas on how you can do this:

  • In-App message

  • Email

  • Social media post

  • Blog on your website

If you need content like imagery and videos to support any of your communications, click here to see what is available. We've even started you off with a couple of social media posts you can share across your channels.

3. Get members excited

As part of your launch, you should create some pre-launch updates, using the above channels, like email or social media. Here's some suggestions on what these communications could look like:

  • Exciting! 700+ workout videos coming soon to your App

  • New launch coming! Stay tuned over the next week to find out what we have been working on to make your digital membership EVEN better

4. Invite members to start using Wexer

Follow your communication plan to invite your members to start using Wexer. We suggest you communicate across a variety of channels over a couple of weeks. Following the launch, you can plan some post-launch content to keep your members engaged. Click here for support on post-launch.

Now you are ready to to share with your members some high quality Wexer content that is easy to access with a one-click subscription and can be watched on a phone, TV or PC.

If you have any more questions, we've popped together some FAQs below.

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